We believe that every aerodrome should have access to the technology enjoyed by the largest international airports.

Skytower is an Electronic Flight Strip system available over the internet so that every aerodrome, regardless of size, can cut tower admin and free up time.


  • Simple, flexible strips adjust content according to stage of flight

  • Customisable layout for any aerodrome

  • Modern user interface for simple and predictable experience


  • Software-as-a-service for zero maintenance

  • Compatible with all modern devices to fit with your environment

  • Complete portability to support virtual operations

  • Simple, low cost redundancy model for maximum reliability

  • Pay per movement for zero investment and full alignment with aerodrome financial structure


We want to give every pilot the ability to communicate electronically with Air Traffic Services without the cost of Datalink.

SkyPilot is a Mobile App for pilots so they can receive pre-departure clearances and trip information straight to their own device.

It cuts radio time, reduces human error, improves safety and enhances situational awareness.


  • Pre-departure clearance and trip information to reduce radio usage

  • Automatic information updates and notifications to free up pilots' time

  • Graphical departure routes to improve flight path visualisation

  • Modern design language for simple and predictable operation


  • Connects with SkyTower or installed EFPS systems

  • Available for both iOS and Android

  • Exciting pipeline of new features to improve pilots' communication, safety and situational awareness