Bringing a connectivity revolution

to every aerodrome

High Air Traffic Service costs

An aerodrome's largest operating cost typically comes from providing Air Traffic Services. To date, an aerodrome has two unpalatable cost options:

Accept using inefficient, labour-intensive practices predominantly based on paper, radio and telephone, or

Invest millions in complex, high maintenance Air Traffic Management systems to enhance staff productivity.

Increase safety and reduce costs without investment

We at Skyverse believe that the world of aviation will be transformed in a new era of simple, internet-based communications.

Our online tools replace Air Traffic Services' paper-based processes and a significant volume of repetitious radio and telephone communications.

The tools share clearer, faster and richer information between Air Traffic Services and their network of users.

This cuts Controller and Assistant workload while improving safety and situational awareness.

Skyverse USPs

Products are delivered as software-as-a-service for zero investment and zero maintenance.

They are designed with a modern user interface for a simple, predictable and enjoyable experience.

Products work with all modern devices to fit with your environment.

Provide effortless upgrades to new capabilities.

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